The most important thing is to walk on your own, whether it

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   The most important thing is to walk on your own, whether it is a detour or a straight road.

   When I was studying at McGill university in Canada, my mentor friedman invited me to attend his daughter's wedding. I was surprised to find that his daughter was only 19 years old and had not graduated from university. moreover, she studied Hindi and did not inherit friedman's applied psychology mantle at all..

   Later, after a group discussion, I asked him why he didn't guide his daughter to a better road.? Friedmen looked at me lovingly with blue eyes: "What is the better way?"? "I said while thinking:" let her choose a good major . "friedman interrupted me:" then what is a good major? "I said:" applied psychology, finance, international relations . "friedman asked:" and then? ""Then she can enter a good organization to become a professional, and then find a very suitable husband to live a happy life.. "

   Friedmen smiled, "but I know very clearly now that my daughter is very happy at present.". "He added:" If I had rudely prevented her from going back and forth with Joe and forced her to study finance she didn't like, yes, she might have followed me, entered a good organization and found a man with more money and status than Joe, but then? Then she will wake up on an ordinary night and feel that her life is completely meaningless. She is doing a job she doesn't like and marrying someone she doesn't like.. Perhaps, she will use some psychological hints to help herself through this difficulty, but more likely, she will eventually have to come to me because she has depression.. "

   "Now, she married early, may 腾跃国际注册 experience all kinds of hardships as a wife and mother, and even delay her career. She has learned a very partial major, may lose her job, or be sent to a slum in Kilometers to do social work, lack of food and clothing and worry about infection. All this is clearly discernible in front of my eyes, and I will certainly feel heartache. However, I know that she will not complain, and she will actively look for the trace of happiness after every little hardship. Therefore, her life is complete.. If she feels happy in this way, then this road is right for her.. If she doesn't feel happy, she will naturally come back. Why should I bother? "

   I suddenly understand that if a child is allowed to face up to the road he/she has chosen, he/she will gain valuable experience and lessons even if he/she chooses the wrong one. Even if he/she is put in forest inside one day, he/she may find the right road by himself/herself.. On the contrary, parents who have been arranging sunshine avenue for their children have cut off their children's ability to choose and their courage to face detours.. In fact, it is most important to take the detour or the straight road by oneself..





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