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   What the Master Would Not Discuss Machamp Disordered God

   Father seldom worships God at ordinary times, but he is full of reverence for ghosts and gods and supernatural things. He is very secretive about this and has the meaning of "What the Master Would Not Discuss and Machamp are chaotic gods.". Apart from worshiping God on major festivals, he usually does not go to temples, which is quite different from those who will worship God on the 15th of the first day of the lunar month. He also does not make vows or fulfill promises.. When someone accused him of not worshipping God, he said: "It is a rich man's business, chicken and meat. Although they were sacrificed in front of God's case, they did not enter his mouth in the end."? No loss. But where do I have the money to buy supplies? If you worship the beginning and form a habit, you will be remembered by God. You have to go often. You may have ideas if you visit God less often.. Like the city people curry favor with the leadership, gifts will be given at the feast, if you don't go once, will provoke suspicion, previous efforts will be wasted. Why don't you go clean. "

   Worship of God in the countryside is like bribery. It must depend on God to achieve wishes through divine power.. Villagers also worship ghosts, or rather send ghosts.. At the head of the village and at the end of the village, there are usually bowls of rice with traces of burning paper money beside them. This is mostly held in the dead of night, and it is most taboo to be seen by others.. It was a family where everything went wrong, or a child was frightened by seeing strange things. Things was at work in Twisted Love or in his house during the day. He had to ask Taoist priests or witches to drive him away. He still had to prepare offerings to send him off.. The principle of the Taoist is that the devil should cut down and make up his mind, but the evil devil should not try hard to make peace. I hope he can get away with it.. Those offerings were abandoned in the wilderness after sacrifice, and were much rougher than worshipers.. In a remote place in the countryside, witches are very angry and ghosts are often rumoured to haunt. Some people even say that they have noses and eyes.. When I was a child, I listened to ghost stories at night. flour was often so horrified that when I closed my eyes, ghostly shadows appeared and I could not sleep at all..

   On one occasion, my partner presented a green cover of "Journey to the West" comic book "Monkey King Skeleton Demon", the inside of the line painted with strange stone caves, fairy monsters, lifelike. I can't help it.. In the summer afternoon, it was raining cats and dogs outside. I sat in the courtyard and watched it carefully. I did not miss a blade of grass or a line.. While intoxicated, my father grabbed it and threw it into the bush beside the house without saying anything.. My hair stood on end. I forgot to cry first. When I used Spider (utensil) to pluck the debris out of the acanthopanax, it had been drenched into pulp by heavy rain, and I was drenched like a drowned rat.. I cried and asked, "Why did you throw me at Lianhuanhua for no reason?"? "His explanation is that there are images of monsters in the book. They are evil spirits and cannot enter the house to avoid attracting evil spirits.. Of course I can't accept this. I started to roll on the spot in the mud-pool-like clearing.. This is the trick for children to play tricks on others.. Father most avoid me get wet in the rain, because get wet in the rain is easy to catch a cold, then have to spend some hands and feet. Let my father coax me, I just don't care, such as mad dog rolling in the mud, crying. My father reluctantly said he would pay me a Lianhuanhua before I gave up..

   A few days later, my father bought a copy of "plain shots" from Shiwan Market. I flipped through it and threw it at the end of the bed.. When I was in primary school, I found in the "Fine Arts" textbook the picture of Sun Wukong, Pig and Friar Sand going into the demon cave to wipe out Baigujing and the demons. The title of the picture was forgotten. It was a well-known masterpiece in those days. It seemed to be written by Zhao Hongben and Qian Xiaodai.. If I got the best treasure, I showed it to my father and said it was a teaching material. Should I throw it into the forest again?? Father took it over and turned it over, his face showing surprise, and he remained silent for half a day.. Later, I saw the same picture in the new year picture in the neighbor's living room, but it was enlarged several times.. My father had too many taboos, and I easily violated them without realizing it. For example, I placed a puppet secretly carved under the bed, and when he found it, it was immediately stuffed into the burning hearth.. I caught a bird with a red beak in Kuroha, tied its claws with a rope to play with, and he let it go..

   He has all kinds of endless and baffling reasons to forbid me to do this or that.. I couldn't understand at that time, who I recruit who provoke? Only later did I understand that my father had so many taboos because he was full of fear for the unknown and El-Hazard. the nervous state in which demoralized troops find themselves, like Les Oiseaux tonnerre, was afraid of accidentally breaking all gods.. I don't know if I have offended the gods or not. I must have offended my father.. Each time, it ended in my submission.. I also resisted and cried, but my arms could not twist my thighs.. How can a child fight with an adult?? As I grow older, I try my best to look at the problem from my father's point of view and stand. I still cannot understand his many restrictions and prohibitions.. I know he loves me and worries about my future and fate, but I find it difficult to connect those puzzling things with father's love.. In spite of this, I still try to accommodate him.. I don't want him to worry about me. Sometimes quarrel with his father, stalemate, he held his head squatting on the mud, face despair and sad, a pair of Dante's Peak and at a loss.I hate him like this..

   The most absurd taboo is that I cannot fall in love with or even marry a woman on a particular birthday. according to his little knowledge of horoscopes and physiognomy, this person is "so-and-so taboo", which is what the folk call a croat.. In the old society, a woman born on a certain birthday could not go out unless her birthday was changed and unknown.. There is nothing more absurd than this. No matter how angry I was, my father reiterated time and again: "I can do anything, but you have to listen to it.". "He said sincerely, firmly and almost begging. Can I say he is crazy? Although people in the village of inside often call him a "stupid guy", he also does some weird things.. When I was young, I was full of anger: "If you don't say it's okay, I will definitely find such a woman to be my wife.". This is feudal superstition! "I this is not angry words. If I fall in love with a woman and she happens to have a birthday, will I give in? I'm glad I didn't have a chance to verify it..

   I have grown up for many years, but I have never met a woman who likes me.. Don't say it's this birthday, even the whole zodiac is not predestined friends with me.. My father breathed a sigh of relief and couldn't help being nervous about my marriage.. Parents introduced several women from their hometown, but none of them succeeded.. I sighed, my father and I were too far apart in choosing a spouse.. Not to say that they are not beautiful, also can't blame them blind. Not to mention that they are too vulgar, nor can they say that they have pigeon eyes and cannot do Love Me, Love My Money, but that they have no fate.. At the first glance, I and the women of the same age but of different heights and fatness decided that they were not passers-by.. They have different looks, both beautiful and ugly, but they seem to have the same breath and the same expression and tone. The first sentence is that you are so bad, so bad, what should you do instead of being so unproductive as you are now.

   Seeing that I had lost many wars and wars, a beautiful woman felt compassion and gave directions and said, "You are a wise man, but you have gone the wrong way.". You shouldn't waste your energy and intelligence on writing obscure poems, isn't that daydreaming?? The sea of bitterness has no bounds,repent and the shore is at hand., it's not too late for you to change careers.. You should take Li Ka-shing as your idol, Henry Fok as your model, learn a good example from Shi Yuzhu, and strive to be the first to become rich.. "I hate others to arrange idols and role models for me. I was forced to learn from this model when I was studying. I didn't expect to work. society still has so many role models for me to learn from.. I said, "Li Huo and like thunder piercing the ear -- said of s., that Mr. Shi is unheard of.". "She looked at me and shook her head, eyes" show deadwood cannot Eagle also "pity. If she associates with me a little more deeply, she will surely have insight into the fact that I wanted to escape on my first day of work. wouldn't she be furious?? I've changed four units in ten years of work and I don't care about success. She should be thankful for her foresight.. In short, they like to control people's habits, without exception reminds me of my father.. I think if a woman likes me and can make me get rid of this feeling, I will marry her.. My father's imprisonment was Once bitten, twice shy of ten years. When I get out of that cage, I don't want to drill into another cage.. (责任编辑:admin)




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